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- Alex


It’s that time of year – for juniors in high school to start visiting colleges that they may want to apply to during the upcoming fall and winter. Now that I’m a freshman at Boston College, my first visit two years ago to my future “home” seems so long ago already. It was an exciting time yet nerve racking too!


In hindsight, with all the college road trips we made to Boston during that time period, it would have been great if Sonesta Hotels’ newly launched “Sonesta Club U” had been around. Instead we stayed at a hotel OVER the Massachusetts Turnpike that my mom couldn’t stand. The zooming cars below kept her up all night and she was always getting lost trying to get from the hotel’s parking lot to the entry to the “Pike”!


The Sonesta Club U program is available in all of the hotel brand’s U.S. locations: Boston, Miami and New Orleans. The way the program works is this: it’s for parents and teens during their college search as well as once they are in college. Sonesta Club U includes: discounts on parking; 20% off overnight accommodations; maps and information about area colleges; lists of area resources for students (where to buy things in Boston for equipping your college dorm room); and preferred Sonesta hotel reservations options for graduation dates for its members.


My Mom and little brother recently visited me at college and stayed at the Royal Sonesta Cambridge hotel as part of the Club U program.  There is no comparison to how much we loved this resort-style hotel compared to the one we stayed at two years ago! First of all, Ethan and I felt like we were on a cruise instead of at a hotel. I liked the cool lounges to hang out in; Ethan spent a lot of time in the big atrium-style, indoor pool; and my Mom loved the chai lattes at the hotel’s Art Bar. That night, Ethan and my Mom hopped a nearby “T” (trolley/subway system in Boston) and were at a Boston Celtics game in minutes.


When they come to drop me off in the fall at college, my Mom, brother and I want to take advantage of the free bikes the hotel offers. Since the Royal Sonesta Cambridge is right on the Charles River, there’s a bike path with really great views of Boston – perfect for picture taking too.


For more information on Sonesta Club U and to register (for free):





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