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Stone Zoo

- Abby

Where are the giraffes? My family and I went to visit Stone Zoo in Boston, MA a few weeks ago. We met up with another family (the children were younger than my brother and I) and we began our journey in the zoo. First we saw the giant Bald Eagle exhibit, and the bird was beautiful! They also had an example of a Bald Eagle nest and it was bigger than me! Next we saw the black bears (my brothers favorite animal). The bears were playing in the water and were enjoying the wonderful weather!

We then continued our adventure by visiting the reptiles. There were giant snakes and a lot of lizards. The younger kids enjoyed looking at the lizards while I wandered off to try to find the giraffes (my favorite animal). After the reptiles we got to see the flamingoes. I did not enjoy this part of the trip because the horrible smell from their habitat made me feel sick. I advise you to not visit this part of the zoo on a hot day.

Then we got to see the monkeys (the best part of our visit). There was a mother and baby monkey swinging around their habitat. The mother was trying to teach her baby to swing on it’s own, and it was the cutest thing ever! Finally, we ended or trip by seeing the goats and the leopards. I found it odd how these two exhibits were next to each other. The leopard was staring at the goats like they would be it’s next meal. I felt bad for the poor kitty! I was very disappointed that this zoo did not have any hippos, elephants, or giraffes! However, our trip was still a lot of fun and I enjoyed it.

This is a picture of the eagle

Extra information: If you plan on visiting this zoo you can leave the zoo to eat lunch that you brought with you and get back inside the zoo as long as you show them your receipt. The zoo was also very clean. If you would like to visit the zoo here is a link to their website:





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