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Waterparks “Au Naturel”

- Lindsay

Once upon time, back before the time of dinosaurs, even before the time of cable, there was no such thing as water parks to keep us thrill-seeking teenagers satisfied (and cool) during the summer. No water slides (indoor or outdoor) and no insistent chlorine odor constantly jabbing at the nostrils of tightly packed bodies waiting to launch themselves briefly down a plastic tube filled with filthy water. Tragic, even horrifying… People, WAKE UP! What most people our age don’t realize is that the most fun, refreshing, exciting, thrilling water park was created millions of years ago, out of a river and some rocks!

Why pay $75 for a day enclosed in a park full of plastic, chlorine, and hundreds of people when possibly the world’s best water park awaits you? It consists of virtually endless open space, thousands of gallons of refreshing river water, and some of the most incredible spectacles on earth! The Colorado River, as it runs through the Grand Canyon, offers one of the most thrilling natural experiences in existence, between the raging rapids, natural “waterslides” and incredible rock climbing and opportunities.

All of the thrills and fun experiences of any commercial water park can be found within the Canyon’s Colorado River. For example, this thrill-seekers’ paradises offer countless white water rapids. The exhilarating motion of the raft, jerking up and down and side to side as it bounces over the swells of frothy white water as it storms itself over you and your boat mates, soaking you and refreshing you from the arid Canyon air simply couldn’t  be surpassed by a man-made rapid ride.

Slides, you say? You want waterslides? There couldn’t possibly be any in the Grand Canyon, right? WRONG. On my Grand Canyon Expeditions (GCEX) adventure last summer the “Little Colorado” River was the highlight of our river rafting trip. A hidden creek of pristine azure water, containing a small rapid perfect for floating over, creates all the elements of the perfect water slide: just enough speed, a drop, a good dunk at the end, and of course a “lazy river” to follow it up as you drift down the Little Colorado River.

Although when we were there, the Little Colorado River was a sparkling light blue in color, there are times that it experiences “flash outs.” This means that it is muddy and brown in color. You can still enjoy the natural water park here, but just make sure you keep your mouth closed during your water rides when the river is brown in color!

Teenagers of America, we need to wake up! We all want to cool off and have fun this summer — especially us thrill seekers, right? The summer is the time to jump from water park to water park, testing each slide and deciding which is best, right? Try a rafting trip with GCEX and trust me, your entire perspective will change. A rafting trip will give you the exact type of experience you are looking for while being completely natural and, in my opinion, way more fun. It will give you a completely different experience with nature as well. You will meet and connect with other people, and yourself, like never before.

Be prepared for the thrill of a lifetime!




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