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Summer vacation kicks off in June

- Caroline

Memorial day weekend is over, seniors are getting ready to graduate, and for the rest of us June can be the start of the summer vacation. What’s so great about June? Besides the “school’s out soundtrack“, barbeques are starting to light up, pools are opening and it’s a great month to plan your next vacation.

Amusement Parks

Most amusement parks (if you live up North) are just opening up for the season. June marks a great time of the year to check out the newest thrill ride for a couple reasons. 1.  The crowd and lines are not bad in the early summer season! You can make the most of your admission price and spend more time on the rides than in the lines. 2.  The summer heat hasn’t taken over and even if there is a small line you won’t be sweating your brains out in the breezy June air.

Public Pools / Beaches

The summer days in June can be hot enough to enjoy laying out by the pool or water but it’s usually not hot enough to be miserable outdoors. Also with the summer season just starting out the crowds at pools and beaches tend to be less than when the summer heat picks up.

Indoor Water Parks

With the sun shining outside the price for most indoor water parks decreases in the summer months. June is a great time to adventure to an indoor water park because it offers every aspect of summer you need, water, pools and slides. Some water parks have outdoor hot tubs or pools that will be enjoyable in June.

Yard Games

If all else fails, June is the time of the year to celebrate and enjoy the upcoming months of pure sunshine. Turn off the computer, Xbox, and DVD player and go outside and feel the fresh cut grass between your toes. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the summer sunshine in June from baseball games to playing in the park to cause the illusion of a vacation. (And if you’re out of school – everyday is a vacation no matter where you are 😉

Whatever fun summer plans you may have coming up, I wish everyone a happy June (can you tell I love this month!)




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