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The Freilandmuseum in Germany

- William

In the medieval times, farming was the most important thing in your life. Unless you happened to be rich enough where you could own slaves instead of being one, you were pretty much stuck with being a servant for the rest of your life. But there’s a kind of pride to living a simple life, and working with one’s hands, and doing things well and practically. And it’s to that spirit that the Freilandmuseum in Bad Winsheim is dedicated.

It is, essentially, a small open air park that shows what life was like, farming, milling, and shepherding through seven hundred years of german history. The park has over one hundred buildings, each authentically demonstrating the style from that era. The houses are separated into six clusters, arranged by region and topic. Walking through the park, you have a feeling that you are traveling from village to village, but also from time period to time period. You can enter most of the houses as well.

There are many buildings to explore, including farms, barns, mills, breweries, pubs, artisans and shepherd’s houses.  Many animals make their home’s in the park. On my visit, I saw oxen, chickens, pigs, ducks, geese, and even a peacock. In one section, there is an extensive collection of the first tractor models. Over a hundred different festivities and events are held here on a yearly basis. There is a good restaraunt-guesthouse from which lunch or dinner can be procured. This was really a fun place. If you are searching for a place to visit for educational purposes, or even if you have an empty afternoon, I recommend visiting here.

But if you don’t have the time for that, I can offer a quick glimpse a video called ‘The Freilandmuseum in sixty seconds!’




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