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- Luisa

Happy Birthday! (TTT)

TTT is celebrating its third birthday and salutes all its teen bloggers – past and present – and its teen and parent readers.

When I created our teen-written blog in June 2009, I never in my wildest dreams thought’s teenaged bloggers would post close to 600 articles in three years! (Frankly, I wasn’t sure we’d have enough writers to sustain the blog for a few months, let alone a year!)

But the TTT bloggers and readers have shown that you should NEVER under estimate the power and capabilities of young adults. Way to go!

You wouldn’t believe how surprised so many adults – especially those in the social media world – are when I tell them that’s bloggers have posted almost 600 articles and videos in three years! I’m really proud of our young adult bloggers and very grateful for our ever-growing teen and parent readership.

Keep up the great work TTT bloggers.

And please send us an email if there’s a certain topic you’d like us to write about OR if you’d like to start writing for TTT.  Remember to “like” us on Facebook if you haven’t already and to tell your friends to come “visit” us too.

Thanks for being part of the community. Happy trails!





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