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Morey’s Piers more Summer Fun than any Seaside Amusement Park

- Cathleen

Everybody loves taking vacations in the summer time and boy do I have the perfect place to visit this summer! It’s called Morey’s Piers in Wildwood, NJ and it has three amusment piers plus two waterparks wrapped up all in one area. There is never a dull moment on any of the piers here!

The first pier Mariner’s landing pier which includes rides mostly for children with the exception of “Ghost Ship” which is more suited to teenagers. They have the classics on this pier like “go-karts” and “tea cups” but the coolest thing on this pier is the “Seagull Cycles.” This pedal powered monorail takes riders all around the Raging Waters Waterpark.

Next is the Surfside pier which includes many rides for children and families like the famous “tilt-a-whirl” and for older guests like us teens there is a ride called “FLY!” This suspended coaster that flips upside down and all around.

The third pier is called Adventure pier which has a number of fun activities to do too. My favorite ride on this pier is the “Great White” which is a classic out and back wooden coaster. It is so cool that it is right on the beach and you can see the water while you’re on the ride.

Next are the two water parks. The first one, called Raging Waters Waterpark, is themed after a shipwreck. There are a number of cool slides and water fun here, my favorite being “shotgun falls.” It has a double barrel appearance and shoots you out into a 6 foot drop landing in a deep pool.

The second water park is Ocean Oasis Waterpark, which is a more laid back water park that includes relaxing activities like massages and cabana rentals. There are still slides and another set of the “shotgun falls,” but if you have family members of all different ages this is the better water park for you.

Since there is so much to do on every pier, it is no surprise that there are resorts in the area for guests to stay overnight. There are six hotels with different price ranges and pools of their own. The Pan American Hotel has an amazing oceanfront view and pool to relax in after going to the piers.

Not only are there great hotels in the area, but there are great restaurants on the piers for guests to enjoy. The coolest one is called Breakfast in the Sky. It is exactly what it sounds like: breakfast served on a Ferris wheel! Guests are taken up 160 feet in the air as they enjoy their gourmet breakfast. Reservations are necessary so hurry before it all books up for the summer season.

Overall Morey’s Piers are a great place for all ages. Pick one pier to visit for the day or stay overnight at one of their resorts and go to them all. I guarantee you will not be bored when you take a trip to Wildwood, NJ.





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