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The Lick

- Caroline V

No, it isn’t a gourmet popsicle shop. The Lick, or the Lick Observatory, is an astronomical observatory located at the top of Mt. Hamilton in San Jose, CA. No matter how interesting or fun that might sound (if it did at all) think twice before making your plans.

Yes, there is a giant telescope. No, you are not allowed to look through it (at least not when I went.) The Lick is run by the University of California, and they put out a sort of museum about astronomy. The catch is, the museum consists of info plaques scattered around the observatory and, of course, a gift shop. Yes, the plaques may interest you, but there is no reason you can’t get the same information from somewhere at a lower altitude.

Another factor to consider is transportation. The car ride is uphill, on winding roads. It took my family an hour to get there from about 30 miles away. If you get carsick easily, this is a bad idea for a day trip. By the time you get to the observatory, you’ll be too sick to walk straight and can’t do much in that state.

It’s not a day trip I would recommend and it’s not a day trip I would be willing to go on again any time soon. Just stay away from it to be on the safe side.




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