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Atlantic City Family Trip: “DO AC”

- Abby

What do you think of when someone says New Jersey? The Jersey shore, shopping, or amusement parks? When I was visiting my aunt’s house in New Jersey we went to Atlantic City. Did you know that Atlantic City was an inspiration for the old version of Monopoly?

My favorite part of the trip was that there were so many different things that we could do. For example we got to go to the beach, walk along the boardwalks, look at the amazing hotels, and go shopping. The boardwalk had a lot of small stores, arcades, and even amusement park rides.

When we first arrived at Atlantic City it was a bit overwhelming because there was a lot of things to look at. However, you get used to it. The Trump Plaza was to our right and Caesar’s hotel to our left. We walked through Caesar’s hotel to get to the boardwalk. The interior of this hotel is beautiful and I was amazed at how much detail was put into it. There is a huge candy store within the hotel and it was definitely worth shopping at!

When we got to the boardwalk there were all different kinds of things to do. My family went shopping in the small stores and walked along the beach. The stores at Atlantic City are not always appropriate so be careful when bringing in small children.

Atlantic City

my brother and I are on the swings

The beach was beautiful and wasn’t too crowded. Then we stopped at Johnny Rockets for lunch (best burger place ever). After lunch we got to go to the arcades and amusement park rides. We ended our trip by watching the sunset on the beach and it was beautiful. I definitely recommend Atlantic City for your next family trip because it is the perfect for all ages and is a lot of fun.

If you would like to spend your next family vacation at Atlantic City heres a link to their website:




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