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Go Global With Globus

- Hye Sung


Imagine going on a trip abroad where you can experience the night life of a major city as well as make your way through the farms and vineyards of the countryside.

How cool would it be visit remote forests in Costa Rica and see one of the world’s most active volcanoes, monkeys and toucans and dozens of other animals not found in the any American suburb, and have plenty of chances to swim and enjoy Central American cuisine?

Or how about spending 9 days in Spain where you are welcomed with a feast in Madrid, have time to visit the world famous Prado Museum, and then move on to touring all of Spain, visiting Seville, Granada, Generalife, Valencia, and Barcelona?

It’s more than possible, thanks to Globus International.

Globus International offers trips that range from a week to 20 days throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South America, the South Pacific, and North America, as well as specialized trips, such as river cruises, faith-based vacations, and vacations catered to please the whole family. There are more than 225 guided, yet flexible, vacations to more than 70 countries which include deluxe motorcoaches, rails, and cruises, as well as expert tour guides who will reveal just how fascinating every destination visited is. Globus International has a 97% satisfaction rating, which is incredibly high for any business.

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