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Enjoy the Islands of Jamaica

- EmilyH

Jamaica is an amazing place to visit that I would recommend to anyone. From the moment my family and I arrived, we were greeted by the most friendly, kind and helpful people. They are so proud of their island and want you to enjoy it as much as they do. Their warm, laid-back personalities are very infectious.

The beaches are simply gorgeous! The sand is so white and soft — it feels like you are walking on pillows. The beaches are super clean and the water is very calm and clear. You can swim out really far and the water is still only waist high. I wish our beaches here on the East Coast were that beautiful turquoise color. We went for many walks on the beach. It feels like you can walk forever — it just keeps going and going. At certain points along the beach, there were security guards making sure that you were a guest of a local hotel. That made us feel very safe.

Although we stayed at a well-known resort, my favorite excursion was when my entire family (20 of us) chartered a private boat to take us to Rick’s Café. Rick’s is a famous, local bar where native Jamaicans jump and drive off adjacent cliffs for the entertainment of the guests. If you are courageous, you too can have your turn at jumping from various heights. Am few of my cousins jumped from the highest level, where they say “only the Jamaicans will jump from”. I did have the courage to jump but not from the highest point. It was the chance of a lifetime and the highlight of our trip!

Visit Jamaica and see where your adventurous side will take you. I can’t wait to go back!!




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