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The Big Apple

- Abby

My trip to New York City was easily one of my favorite vacations. There are so many different things that you can do in the Big Apple! We got to visit Central Park Zoo, Times Square, and a lot of shops and tourist attractions too. I do not think I have every seen this many people in one place before. There are many different kinds of people there too. At first the city was a little bit overwhelming, but eventually you get used to it. This is definitely an experience I will never forget!

These are some of the huge buildings we saw!

When we got to Penn Station we saw the outside of Madison Square Garden. Then we immediately started walking down the streets to find a place for breakfast. (There were not very many restaurants in this area of the city so I suggest planning your trip and timing wisely.) After breakfast we continued walking down the huge streets and by the buildings of New York City. When you’re walking in the streets of this big city there is nothing to be afraid of, you just need to be street smart. Girls make sure that if you have a purse, keep it close to you. You should also never give money to ANYONE and always pay attention when crossing the street. 

When we finally reached Times Square there were people everywhere. The lights were all flashing even though it was day time, and it was pretty cool! My favorite part about Times Square was the Disney Store. It had two floors and an escalator! There is an amazing cheesecake place called Roxy where we had an amazing lunch. After lunch we got to visit Hershey’s (the chocolate store) where there were millions of candies! Sadly this part of our trip was cut short as we still wanted to see the Central Park Zoo. As we were walking, we passed by a building that was going to be the set for a new movie! Sorry no picture of this – there was no flash photography allowed.

It was much quieter when we got to the Central Park.  (There are a lot of people there asking if you would like to ride in a carriage. If you do not want a ride the best thing to do is to politely say no and walk away quickly. Eventually you will master this skill after walking around for a few hours.) When we reached the actual zoo part of the park it was a little more crowded, but hey I guess that’s the way it is in New York City! The weekend is not the best time to visit tourist attractions. Try to go on weekdays so things are less crowded. Anyway, I got to see a lot of animals like polar bears and different birds. Unlike the movie Madagascar – there is no Alex the lion!

We ended our trip to NYC by visiting Rockerfeller Center. I wish we got to see this at Christmas time with the big skating rink, but then it would be extremely crowded. There was a big dinner going on, so there was not very much to see. If your going to be walking around a lot on your visit to NYC make sure you wear the correct shoes, I suggest sneakers. Visiting New York might not be enjoyable for smaller children unless you plan something fun for them to do. My brother and I are older so this trip was a lot more fun for us then for some of the other families with toddlers. I really hope I can visit this big city again soon because it was definitely a great experience.




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