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The Marktbergel Muna-museum

- William

World War II ended in 1945. That was sixty-seven years ago. It remains one of the most remembered events in human history. But, this article is not about World War II. It’s about a unique place inMarktbergel,Germany, where you can go to remember it.

The Marktbergel Muna-Mueseum is a former ammunitions depot in southernGermany. It was, in fact, the largest air force munitions plant in that region. On most days, you could find about three thousand people working there, a mix of soldiers, civilians, and students. A freight train ran daily, carting off completed ammunition to other regions ofGermany. There were several cafeterias on the grounds for the workers, along with a small school and a kindergarten for the children of the workers. Pleasant as that sounds, putting together bullets and explosives isn’t an enjoyable occupation. But nowadays, the only people working there are the museum staff.

What do you think of when you read the word, ‘Museum’? Most people think of the same thing. You think of a building with stuff inside. Stuff that you generally aren’t allowed to touch. I say generally because I’ve been to some very nice museums where you could touch almost everything, but for the most part, you can spend a nice thirty seconds observing an artifact in a glass case. Maybe snap a picture.

No, this is a very different Museum.

Although part of the museum is, indeed, a building with old stuff in glass cases, a hefty portion of it is outside, in the beaming sun. Or pouring rain, so I wouldn’t reccomend visiting if the weather is bad. And it needs to be outside. Walking through the opening gate, you will see military vehicles all parked around a building. There’s a gravel trail running through the grounds, and to either side are huge mechanical behemoths. But the coolest part is, most of them, you can get inside. That’s right. You can actually climb inside a 1940’s tank from Nazi Germany. You wouldn’t believe how cool that is. There are a whole bunch of vehicle’s your allowed to get inside. They’re not replicas. In fact, many of them are still functional… it can become rather loud sometimes because kids have found the horn in a particular car, and they won’t stop hitting it. Some of these vehicles are even still in driving order… don’t get any ideas, kids.

For the less adventurous, there is also an indoor section and a cafeteria. The indoor section houses items of less physical magnitude. Mainly guns. Lots of guns. Along with many of the bullets that were previously produced in the same building. It’s actually quite interesting. Also, on some days, there is a show where two men drive around small remote control tanks. It’s easy to stop wondering if that’s what they do for a living and become quite taken in by the performance. Overall, I would certainly reccomend this place. If you ever happen to be passing through, check it out maybe. Or if you live inGermany, get a couple other friends and go there. It may be just the afternoon trip you’ve been looking for. Having coffee while your kids climb around on functional military vehicles? What more could you ask for?

And although it doesn’t do the place justice, I have compiled another Sixty-Second video for you:

Just so that you can get a taste of what the place is like.

Until next time, Keep Traveling!






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