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Space Farms Zoo & Museum: Explore Your Wild Side!

- Molly

A zoo and museum all in one, Space Farms Zoo and Museum in Sussex, NJ is a unique family attraction that has been around since 1927. This year, Space Farms celebrates eighty- five years making it the oldest family attraction in New Jersey still owned and operated by the original family. What an achievement! With more than 100 beautiful acres of peaceful countryside, Space Farms Zoo and Museum is an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits.


The Zoo

The zoo portion of Space Farms includes over 500 live wild animals and over 100 species. You’ll have the unique opportunity to observe a large variety of animals, such as yaks, monkeys, jaguars, bears, llamas, hyena, wild ponies, and so many more.


The mighty lion is just one of the many animals
you’ll have the opportunity to observe at Space Farms Zoo.


Believe it or not, Space Farms was home to Goliath, the Guinness Book of World Records’ largest bear in the world from 1967 to 1991. He stood 12 feet tall and weighed an astonishing 2,000 pounds. Also, Space Farms has the largest private collection of North American wildlife in the world. So no matter what type of animals you want to see, you’ll have a “zoo”per time!


Everyone has fun at Space Farms Zoo and Museum! 

Space Farms Zoo is fun for all ages; with chickens, ducks, and geese wandering around the zoo freely, there’s never a dull moment!

The Museum

Nothing brings on a yawn like the thought of wandering through a boring museum all day. But when it comes to Space Farms Museum, you won’t want to leave! Space Farms contains ELEVEN buildings that showcase over 50,000 historical items and ancient artifacts.

Their collection includes old cars, weapons from the Revolutionary and Civil War, a doll museum, a blacksmith shop, Indian arrowheads, an Eskimo exhibit, and so much more. Space Farms Museum contains the second largest collection of antique firearms in the United States. Now that’s something you don’t see in just any museum!


Treated Like Family

Space Farms continues to be run by the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of founder Ralph Space since 1927. Members of the Space family are always available to answer questions and keep an eye on the daily operations of the park. 

Space Farms has hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, fries, turkey, grilled cheese sandwiches, and chips in the restaurant for purchase, but you also have the option of packing and bringing along your own picnic lunch.



Space Farms Zoo & Museum is located in Sussex, New Jersey at 218 Route 519. For more information: (973)-875-5800. When planning your trip, remember that Space Farms is open daily 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m (but the last entrance is at 4 p.m.), March 31 through October 31. Group rates and season passes are available, so bring your friends and family along on your wildlife adventure! For more information, visit their website at




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