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Six Flags

- Abby

When my parents told my brother and I that we were going to Six Flags I was extremely excited, and immediately started to pack my bags to leave. We live a few hours away so it was a long drive but it was completely worth it. As soon as we arrived at our hotel I started to get all my stuff together to go to the amazing park. When we got to the parking lot I could hear the faint sounds of screaming and music. I knew this trip was going to be unforgettable, and it was!

We started off at the Kidzopolis section of the park where we got to go on the Krazy Kups, Route 66, Krazy Kars, and Whirlybirdz. Krazy Kups is basically the tea cups where you can spin around really really fast. I loved this ride the most out of this section of the park because I like “spinny” rides the most. We then continued our journey to the DC SUPER HERO Adventures section of Six Flags. Here we rode on Catwoman’s Whip which is basically a mini roller coaster. We got to see the Hall of Justice where you can get autographs from the characters of the Justice league (many small children loved this part of the park).

For the more thrill seekers the rides for you are Bizzaro, Mind Eraser, and Flash Back. I mainly like the spinny rides so I loved the ride called “Pandemonium. It was a roller coaster that was spinning around really fast. After that we visited the Hurricane Harbor section of Six Flags which was a water park. I basically went on every single ride in this part of the park. This was a perfect way to cool off on a hot day. However, it was a little crowded.

I had so much fun on our trip to Six Flags! I will hopefully get to go back this summer so i can take some more pictures too. For more info you can use this link, then when your on the website you can select a park near you so you too can had the same fun that I had!




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