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What to do in Kansas City, Missouri?

- Hye Sung

Often when I tell my east coast friends that I spent three weeks in Kansas City, Missouri, they ask, “What is there to do in Kansas City?” I also have to often clarify more than once that the Kansas City I was visiting was actually in Missouri, despite I intentionally said “Kansas City, Missouri” in these conversations. Nevertheless, many folks who live on the coast tend to just see all of middle America as one blob of corn fields and cows and are unable to recognize that anything interesting can come out of these areas. Well, my time spent in Kansas City, Missouri was anything but boring. I am convinced that if most people gave KC a chance, they too would have time in “the city of fountains”!

So what is there to do in Kansas City?

  • Well, first of all, there is a ton of barbecue for you to enjoy! Kansas City is famous for its barbecue and you can find hundreds of restaurants that serve delicious barbecue. What I did not know is that barbecue can be done classy. Fiorella’s Jack Stackis a thriving business that is in demand nationally–and their restaurant is perhaps one of the hippest places in the midwest. There can be quite the wait–sometimes being as long as two hours– but it is worth it! This meat lovers paradise can also bless the tongue of pescetarians and fish-enthusiasts with their farm-raised Atlantic Salmon and Ruby Red Trout.
  • Country Club Plaza is perhaps the finest shopping center of Kansas City! Now, there are tons of malls and even other shopping districts, but shopping in Kansas City cannot be done without hitting up Country Club Plaza. This district is not only packed with higher end restaurants, hotels, and retailers, such as Gucci, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany & Co., Coach, Burberry, etc., but it is simply beautiful! It is not hard to notice that there is something very Spanish about the architecture and that is because J.C. Nichols, a developer of commercial and residential real estate in Kansas City, modeled it after Seville, Spain.
  • The Power & Light district of Kansas City is where you go to spend a night out on the town. Though it is a popular destination for day time tourism, it is very different at night. This district is lit up and loud as night approaches and a summer night in this district would undoubtedly be unforgettable. There are countless restaurants, clubs, concert venues, theaters, and parks, and it is not hard to find something to do. There were several outdoor venues with food and drink services and free concerts. One of the gems of this district is Z-strike bowling, which an excellent bowling alley with great food and an atmosphere both a group of friends and a family could enjoy!

Kansas City, Missouri offers one of the best downtown experiences in America and can potentially provide an unforgettable vacation for a couple of twenty-somethings as well as a family of five!




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