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Sports in the Sky

- Caroline V

In the Olympic Village in Squaw Valley, you can visit the stores and restaurants, and play mini golf. Mini golf if a good way to see the Olympic Village. Unlike regular courses, the holes are scattered around the village and you need to walk around to play. There are other games and things to do around the village as well.

The rings at High Camp.

But the main attraction is High Camp. At around 8,200 feet above sea level, High Camp definitely has earned it’s name. From the Olympic Village, you can take a tram up to High Camp, where the 1960 Olympic Winter Games took place. It is a historical landmark, but there’s much more to do than just look around. It’ll definitely take a whole day. If you don’t ski, visit High Camp in the summer. You can sit by the pool. There are a family of some sort of cute, furry animal living in the rocks beside the pool (don’t worry, they aren’t aggressive and are only about the size of a guinea pig.) They also have paintball, frisbee golf, hiking, and roller skating. There are different passes and packages you can buy that include different activities. If you’re there all day, it’s good to keep in mind the that they have a restaurant. If you don’t feel like eating a full meal, you can also order from waiters that deliver the food to you poolside!

Besides games, swimming, and hiking, they also have a museum at High Camp. It isn’t too big, but it has different things from the 1960 olympics besides information, like the outfit from one of the ice skaters. They also have a podium with the flags behind it that you’re allowed to stand on.

There really is something to do for everyone at High Camp. Make a day of it if you’re in Squaw Valley! Other information on High Camp activities can be found at .

A Video on High Camp:

High Camp, Squaw Valley




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