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Kite Surfing

- Gabriel

The kite above my head did figure eights as it pulled the board beneath my feet and me across the water.

I road for about twenty meters more and put the kite directly above my head. Then I dove it back down to the right and stood up on my board and… I was up! Speeding along back the way I come. At least that what I wish I had done. It was more like the board nosed down under the surface. Down into the water I went. I hung onto the kite and staggered to my feet, fighting the kite.  Down, down, and then it started to turn back up. I got it to twelve a clock and then got my board. I looked around and found my instructor, as I started to wade towards him.

“That was close!” I said.

“Yes it was. What happened? You leaned forward for to long. Try to lean forward only till you’re up on the board then lean back and relax. The first one was very good. But you can do better,” my instructor said.

“Ok. I will do it better this time.” I told him.

“Good. Again!”

I see Elisha on the shore taking pictures.

Dropping down into the water I hold the kite steady with only one hand (which is really, really hard) and hold the board steady with the other. I stick my feet into the straps on the board and then look behind me to see if any waves are coming.

“Go thirty meters, stop and come back. And remember not to lean forward to long,” my instructor says.

“Ok,” I reply.


I dive the kite hard and lean forward.

I pop up and then pull my kite out of its aggressive dive and start to move it in figure eights.

I move forward for thirty meters then sit back into the water. I then dive my kite to the other side and stand up. I get halfway back to my instructor when the air stops completely and the kite drops out of the air.

“Oh please!” I say as I struggle to get it to fly up again. It just drops.

I let loose the bar so that any air it is getting stops affecting it. It twists and then smacks down into the water.

“Why don’t we stop, the wind is to light to do anything for very long,” my instructor suggests

That was four days ago and I am still sore from all the jerking around I got.

One minute there would be no wind and my kite would be dropping. The next there would be lots of wind and I would be jerked off my board and twisted around. That or I just was not handling the kite right.

Kite surfing is not as easy as it looks. When I first watched it being done I thought that I could do that all by myself. I took back that thought the first day that I was told I had to actually fly one of those huge kites.

I definitely am not an expert at kite surfing, nowhere near it, but if you ever get the chance to kite surf don’t think that you can do better than anyone out there. As my mom always says; “Pride comes before the fall,” and boy is she right.

All in all, I think anyone who can, should learn to kite surf. If you’re looking for a great spot, Nai Yang Beach, in Phuket, Thailand, is a great place during the summer monsoon. The wind is reliable (more or less) and there are registered schools all up and down the wide luxurious beach.





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