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SHP Bicycle Adventures: Cape Cod

- Seamus

One day, I went to the Travel Expo and saw a raffle for teens only. It was for a two week bike adventure in Cape Cod for Student Hostelling Program (SHP). I put my name in the box, and to my surprise, I won!

So began my adventure with SHP. SHP is a biking adventure program for teens. They organize trips all over the world, in places like Spain, Québec, Vermont, and even a cross-country trip. I kept a journal through the whole trip and to better explain my experiences on the Cape Cod trip, I will list some excerpts.

Day #1: I arrived at Logan airport in Boston to start the van ride to Conway, Massachusetts, SHP headquarters. After a lot of traffic, we arrived in Conway. At first, I was nervous about meeting other kids, but everyone became friends after a few hours. After a yummy pasta dinner we unpacked our belongings and went to sleep in tents in a big field next to SHP headquarters.

Day #2: We woke up early and packed all of our stuff (including bikes) onto the van to Sandwich, Massachusetts. After another long ride, we arrived at Peter’s Pond Campground in Sandwich. We unpacked our things and set up the tents. We played some cards and went in the pool then went to bed.

Day #3: We woke up and packed our bikes on the van and went to the Cape Cod Canal. We biked along the canal for a long time and saw the Sagamore and Bourne Bridge. Then we went to the visitors’ center and saw some cool things like a patrol boat and some animals from the canal. After that we headed back to the camp ground and had ping pong tournament and saw some fireworks, because it was the Fourth of July.

Day #4: We woke up, packed up the tents and took taxis and U-Haul truck to the ferry in Hyannis to go to Nantucket. We arrived to Nantucket and explored the main part of it. Then we rode our bikes to the hostel. We took our things off our bikes, put them in our rooms, and went to the beach. We came back to the hostel and had some really good pulled pork sandwiches. We played some volleyball and hit the hay.

Day #5: We went back to the main part of Nantucket, did some shopping, had some lunch and started heading back to the hostel. We went to the beach and went swimming in the Nantucket Sound. We played some more volley ball and had macaroni and cheese for dinner. After cleaning all the dishes we made a campfire and told scary stories. That was cool.

Day #6: After a good sleep, we pack everything on our bikes and went to the ferry to go to Martha’s Vineyard. We arrived in the Vineyard and explored Oak Bluffs. Also, we took a ride on the oldest carousel in America: Flying Horses. After the fun ride we went to Giordano’s for dinner. Then we rode our bikes to the campground in Vineyard Haven, set up tents and went to sleep.

Day #7: We rode our bikes to Edgartown and explored that too, and went kayaking in Lake Sengekontacket which is where some of the movie “Jaws” was filmed. After that, we watched some people jump off the bridge that divides Lake Sengekontacket and the Atlantic Ocean. Then, we headed back to the campground and had dinner. Then, we did some laundry and played in the arcade.
SHP Cape Cod




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