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On The Road Again

- Gabriel

My name is Gabriel. I’m fourteen and I love adventure.  I have been to Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America, and North America. Over those continents I have traveled through more than twenty countries. I have lived in all of those places. But my favorite is Canada, by far. I sail, scuba dive, and I am learning to kite surf this summer. 

We have been traveling full time for almost five years. When we started I was nine. Our first real big trip was on bikes. We biked all through Europe and stayed a while in Tunisia, North Africa. About three weeks ago my family and I rented bikes on Don Khong island, in Laos, and rode around for a couple of days. My brother, who is now nine, rode all over the road. Luckily there were almost no cars on it. Looking back I can’t believe that my parents trusted me on a bike all the way around Europe and I can’t believe that I actually survived it all.

After our bike trip we traveled in America and Canada for a while and saw our relatives. Then we took a van and drove down into Central America for the winter. That is where I found my real love for the ocean and scuba diving. I learned to scuba on a little island called Tobacco Caye, three miles off shore, in Belize. It is so small it takes maybe ten minutes walking to go all the way around it. We saw lots of cool things there and learned how to get a conch out of its shell and ready to eat. There were also lots of people willing to play volleyball with us. In the morning when we would wake up and go outside we would see lots of marks in the sand where an army of hermit crabs had gone for a stroll.

We went back to North America for the summer and then flew to Guatemala to spend the winter. We wanted to go back to spend more time on Lago de Atitlan. We lived in a little town called San Marcos for six months and learned to speak pretty good Spanish.

We spent some time road tripping with our friends across the USA before we flew to Asia. Which is where we are now.

I am learning how to kite surf in Thailand. We’ve traveled all around the country from our base, a rented a house in Phuket. We also took three weeks and backpacked around Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

I am exited about writing for Teen Travel Talk and I am happy to be able to share my adventures with you. 




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