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5 Bugs To Eat Around The World

- Hannah

We in America pride ourselves on our incredible diversity in foods.

Our grocery stores are lined with aisle after aisle of produce, packaged in visually appealing containers. Meats, vegetables, things we would never normally eat that have been ground up and put in a can, corn in all it’s many forms, and plenty of fruit. But there are some things you will never intentionally find in the average American grocery store. Near the top on this list are bugs.

However, just because you’d have a hard time finding them in an American store, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try them.

Other cultures eat bugs all the time, even considering them a delicacy! Who knows, you may even like them! And even if you don’t, the eternal bragging rights are definitely worth the brief moment of repulsion.

1: Crickets

These crunchy little critters can be found in many different third world countries around the globe, including: Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Indonesia, and over most of Southeast Asia. In Central and South America they are often grilled and then eaten with chili peppers in tacos, whereas in Asia they are roasted slowly on a stick and eaten whole. Many people find them to be good with lime. Personally, I had a little trouble with the legs.

2: Termites

These bugs can be found almost all over the world, but are eaten primarily in Belize. Known for destroying trees, they are quite small. You’ll need a lot to make a real meal! Slightly crunchy, they taste like an interesting combination of carrots and mint. They are not cooked at all, but are eaten one by one, live. Be sure to bite them before they bite you!

3: Roaches

The Asians have made good use of this common household pest. There is no better way to reduce the cockroach population than to mass murder the little buggers, and make shish kebabs out of them! Nearly every Asian market sells “cockroach on a stick,” so you should have very little trouble finding this treat!

4: Mealworms

Mealworms are eaten primarily in Africa, but can be found in the warmer Asian countries as well. They can be eaten live, but are more often fried, grilled, or baked until crispy. I have not personally tried one yet, but I’ve been told they have a slightly papery texture, with very little taste.

5: Tarantulas

Whatever third world country you’re in, you can be sure that if there’s tarantulas, there’s bound to be tarantula dishes as well! Cambodia in particular is known for the large baskets of whole tarantulas that the Cambodian women lug to market each weekend. Eating them is a piece of cake, once you get past those hairy legs!

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime, the crunchiest taste of the year (besides Cheetos), and the best bragging rights this world commands? Go on, try eating some of these critters! I dare you!




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