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Shopping at the Outlets

- Abby

People come from all over to shop at the Wrentham Outlets to find the best sales and deals. They have every store from American Eagle to Vitamin World. There are special promotions offered through out the year, this leads to even more savings! It’s upscale designer brands with savings of 25 to 65% every day. Just writing about it makes me want to go!

If you have never been outlet shopping, it’s not like a regular mall. The stores are all attached but the walkways are all outside. Most of the time the walkways are covered so rainy days are perfect shopping days! The decor and landscape of an outlet is very pretty even just to walk around. There are always a few great restaurants if you want to stop for lunch. You might find that it feels like shopping in a neighborhood, because everything is spaced out.

This is one of the walkways at the outlets

I try to be a smart shopper so all of the sales going on helps me save a lot of money. The Vera Bradley Outlet is always my favorite store to find new deals. For girls and women the Wrentham Outlet has stores such as American Eagle, Ann Taylor Factory Store, Juicy Couture, Rue 21, and of course Vera Bradley. Whenever my mom drives me to the outlet we have to stop at one of these stores. For the little brothers, dads, or boyfriends be sure not to miss Nike Factory Store, Ecko Unltd, and Levi’s Outlet Store.

The best part about outlets is that you do not have to drive all the way to Massachusetts to find one. There are premium outlets all over the U.S. check this link to find one near you and plan your shopping trip!




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