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A Quick Trip to D.C. by Jack

- Jack

Hi! I’m’s newest blogger Jack. I live in Massachusetts and recently took a trip with my family this summer to Washington, D.C.


The nation’s capitol may seem only to be just another city, yet the scenery and history tell otherwise.  Such a trip proves to be an eye opener to most people because the assumption is that such a place is strictly all about history and not at all about its beauty.  The main focus of a vacation to D.C. is definitely the museums as well as popular government buildings.


Specifically, one of the highlights would be the “Newseum.”  There is a fee to enter this museum, however, the price is far surpassed by the amenities of the place.  It really dives into recent events that have affected the world and introduces a new perspective on such things including: 9/11 displays; the Una-bomber’s Cabin; and front pages of historical events for the past 100 years.  From a teenager’s perspective, it’s a cool place to discuss recent history with your parents.  Every inch of the “Newseum” provided something interesting.

I would make it a point to see both the Jefferson and Lincoln monuments, which are quick stops, yet they truly capture the essence of these men’s lives.   During our visit, the park ranger explained the history of the monuments.  This was interesting because it provided a background of why the monuments where there and who decided to have them built.


Other notable sites include:

  • The White House: You need to book 6 months in advance, if you would like a tour.
  • The Capitol: It is a classic example of Greek and Roman architecture, which is immense and beautiful in design.  You can take a tour of the Capitol and see many famous paintings that depict the story of the many challenges our country has faced.
  • The Air and Space Museum: Includes everything from the Wright Brother’s first flight to space shuttles from NASA.
  • The Natural History Museum: Features things like the Hall of Bones and the Hope Diamond.
  • Georgetown Area: Many interesting, quaint shops.  During our walk down M street NW, we made a quick detour to DC Cupcakes; definitely worth the stop.
  • Georgetown University: Awesome campus.  Top notch education.  School was not in session, however, they were giving freshman tours.



Washington, DC is truly a learning vacation. It increased my knowledge of the nation’s rise to power, but also of the battles we’re still facing today.


DC is a great 3 to 5 day trip; keep in mind it can be quit hot in the summer and the humidity and heat index can make or break the vacation.  Spring time — during the Cherry Blossom season — is a great time to go.


Overall, if you’re considering a trip to the Capital City, do not hesitate.  The experience will be a memorable one for years to come.


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