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First Time at the North End of Boston

- Abby

A few days ago my parents, brother, and I went to the North End of Boston. Now it is one of my favorite places in the city. We got to see Haymarket (a city block of stands for fresh fruit and vegetables), the new Rose Kennedy Greenway, Pizza Regina, and the bakeries. Many locals treat this area of Boston like a huge outdoor grocery store on the weekends.

At the Haymarket you always need to make sure you know where your going. It can be very crowded and easy to get turned around. The prices for fruits and vegetables were amazing, and everything seemed really fresh. I saw things I recognized, and some fruits and vegetables I’ve never seen before. Locals bring their own recycled grocery bags, to carry back to their apartments.

This is some of the fruits and vegetables we saw

The Rose Kennedy Greenway is a big park that replaced the old highway that now goes under Boston. It is a beautiful park right in the middle of the streets. There are fountains that a lot of little kids were running in, a big area of grass, and a nice seating area. Sadly, we did not get to spend a lot of time there because we were in a rush.

Pizza Regina is an amazing pizza place in the North End. It is always very busy but we got our food served very quickly. When we were waiting in line you could smell the pizzas cooking. The pizza was delicious and very filling. We even got to watch on of the football games on the huge televisions hanging on the walls.

This is the sign for Regina’s

Finally we got to walk around to see the bakeries, but we never got to go in because the lines were too long. However, I have been to the bakeries in the past and the pastries there were yummy. My favorite are Mikes and Modern Pastry. Over all, I had a great time at the North End of Boston and I can’t wait to go back!




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