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Patong Foam Party!

- Hannah

What better way to enjoy an incredible vacation in Patong, Malaysia, than to experience a foam party! Every first Saturday of the month, Patong’s hard rock café hosts two foam parties. The first is tailored especially for kids, the second is for kids sixteen to a hundred!

The Hard Rock café itself is worth going to see. Inside the café are many different rock n’ roll relics, not to mention a restaurant and bar. Outside, there is an incredible complex of pools. Ranging from large to small, the deepest pool is only five feet deep. Some have sandy bottoms, other are lined with sparkling blue tile. There is a magnificent kiddy pool, complete with jets of water spraying out of the floor, three multicolored slides, and multiple water cannons.

But the highlight of the Hard Rock Café experience is by far the foam party! The kid’s party lasts around two hours, taking place mid-afternoon. Families are advised to arrive early in order to secure poolside seating. Also, it is interesting to watch the pool guards fill the foam pool. The foam machine sprays foam bubbles high into the air, where they clump together and fall into an ever-increasing pile below. The children’s foam pool is usually only filled a few feet with foam, so that children of all ages can enjoy the party without danger of drowning.

Finally, the pool is full! DJ’s crank up the party mix, and partiers rush into the foam! Bubbles fly and giggles abound as everyone enjoys themselves. Upon exiting the foam party, children are sprayed down with a shower system, and can then reenter the pools and slides.

After a short intermission, the adult party starts. Be warned: this party is intended for those at least sixteen and above, and some content may not be appropriate for children younger than sixteen. The adult foam party is very similar to the kid’s foam party, the only difference being that the foam is now chest high, the party lights are turned on, and alcohol is served freely.

Kids and adults alike are sure to find this experience entertaining! However, if you prefer quieter activities, feel free to check out any of the wonderful secluded beaches Patong offers! But if you’ve never been to a foam party before, be sure to try it at least once! You may find that you enjoy it!




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