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Borderland State Park

- Abby

Over the weekend I got to visit Borderland State Park, and it was beautiful. Borderland State Park is in Easton Massachusetts and used to be the land that belonged to the Ames family.



The Ames family lived in a wonderful mansion that is still in the park today. The park consists of fields, nature trails, and many ponds. Some of these trails used to be used for carriages from the 1900s! The trails can lead you around the mansion, to the farm house, and around the ponds.


  1. walk the trails
  2. play frisbee golf
  3. have a picnic in one of the fields
  4. go bird watching
  5. bike riding
  6. fishing
  7. bring your pets on a walk

What I like to do:

When my family and I go to Borderland we generally take my dog on one of the nature trails around the ponds. We got to see the leaves changing colors from oranges to reds. The fall is one of the best times to visit a park to see this. While we were on the trails we passed some horses and their owners! I saw some fish in the pond as we were passing by. It was so peaceful there. I can’t wait to plan my next adventure at Borderland State Park!

Here is one of the trails we walked on

To plan your visit to Borderland State Park here is a link to there website:





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