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Yum Factor At In-N-Out Burger

- Pauline

Food is always the highlight of every travel experience I have, good or bad. In sunny Los Angeles, fast food chains such as Jack in the Box, Chick-fil-A, and In-N-Out Burger evoke great recent food memories for me. Why? The food is surprisingly delicious and fresh, which is so unlike some of the fast food chains I am used to in the Northeast. The menu items are also inexpensive, which is always a good thing when travelling. Although I may be able to visit a Chick-fil-A if I get to Central or Southern New Jersey or Pennsylvania, Jack in the Box and In-N-Out Burger have no locations in my area, which annoys me.

Los Angeles CA 2012

My favorite of the three is In-N-Out Burger. This particular chain is one I will go out of my way to re-visit because the food and service really stand out. My family and friends have been praising these restaurants to me for some time now, and with locations in Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas and Utah exclusively, I know that my In-N-Out Burger experience can only be repeated by jumping on a plane or taking a road trip to the West. My favorite In-N-Out Burger location is the one situated just south of the UCLA campus in Los Angeles; when the sun shines, the red sign with white letters and bent yellow arrow gleams in its light, distracting anyone driving and walking by with empty stomachs. The restaurant itself is clean, the employees are friendly, and the food tastes amazing. In addition to the Protein Style Burger (a burger wrapped in lettuce without the bread), diners can indulge in Double Meat, 3×3, or even 4×4 Burgers for those who want to have 2, 3 or 4 patties in one sitting.  The beef is such good quality that even reluctant carnivores like me are open to the possibilities. I also love In-N-Out Burger’s Animal Style fries, which are topped with cheese, Thousand Island spread, and grilled onions; they are so good that the mere thought of them makes my mouth water.

I am not a fast food fan, but when chains like In-N-Out Burger do it right, I have to give them credit. They keep their menu simple, tasty, and use good quality ingredients; all of these qualities help make it a great fast food restaurant chain. There is also The Ultimate In-N-Out Secret Menu (and Super Secret Menu!) Survival Guide, which I only just learned about recently and look forward to sampling in the future. All of these reasons (and many more) make me jealous of those who live in Southern California; in addition to the great weather and gorgeous beaches, the inhabitants have so many wonderful food destinations nearby. Maybe I will move to the West Coast and take it all for granted someday.




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