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Get Ready, Get Set, Get Scared!

- Lindsay

Howdy, faithful readers! It’s that time of year again, when we all get sick on a pound of candy, watch slasher films religiously, and rifle through costumes (news flash, girls: wearing your boyfriend’s football uniform and calling it a costume stopped being creative in seventh grade). That’s right, it’s Halloween! Looking to satisfy your adolescent craving for adrenaline and use said holiday as an excuse? I know I am! If you’re like me and millions of other teenagers out there, be sure to check out these NJ Fright Fests and “haunted” attractions (weenies, beware: these are NOT kiddie rides!).

Buds and zombies at State Scare!!!

State Scare: Maim Street (Belleville, NJ): As you approach the new “strip mall” that seemed to appear overnight in the torn-down “factory” adjacent to State Fair Halloween Store in Belleville, you’ll meet quite a cast of undead characters, from a zombie with just enough malice in his milky eyes to make you uncomfortable about the wrench he’s holding, to another with a stump for an arm that he is determined to graze your ear with, all closing in on you until the fateful moment you are called to enter the “strip mall”. From when you first enter the hotel lobby, be prepared to encounter an even more diverse array of characters. With lurkers and zombies around every corner as you journey through this never-ending maze, my only advice to you is not to anger these . . . er . . . DEATHLY irritable (sorry, I couldn’t resist) shopkeepers, be prepared for lots of surprises, and don’t look the butcher in the eye for too long! For more information, visit Open Thursday- Sunday, 7pm-Midnight, now through November 3.

Haunted Hayride at Heaven Hill Farm (Vernon, NJ): One of the areas most terrifying hayrides! Clowns with chainsaws, psychopaths lurking in the woods, and zombies only inches away from your face are just a few of the terrifying encounters you will face in what could be the most fearful half-hour of your life. When will a mutant suddenly begin clawing at your seat, or screaming in your face? You can never be sure! One of the most sought-after haunted attractions by fear and thrill-seekers everywhere is bound to send you into a fit of terror! For information, go to: http://www. or call (973) 764-5144
Six Flags Fright Fest (Jackson, NJ): One of the country’s largest Fright Fests, a Six Flags tradition! At Six Flags, Great Adventure, you will be faced with such a wide array of shows, walk-through attractions, and, of course, roller coasters, so as to make your teenage brain explode in one outstanding wave of sheer awesomeness! Walk through the terrors of a lunatic’s mind, meet mad scientists and zombies, and mingle with evil clowns and ghosts, but don’t let the cannibals grab you! Who knows, maybe you’ll even give Nitro or El Toro a spin. Be prepared for a night of fear and fun! For more information and tickets, visit http://frightfest.sixflags.comgreatadventure/




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