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Foamy Fun in Penang, Malaysia

- Hannah

The moon shines benevolently down on the wild event taking place beneath her lofty perch.

Waves pound against the beach, the sound of their crashing drowning out all other noises. Almost. Above it all rises the even louder pounding of the tall black speaker system. DJ’s dance on the top of the stage, cranking up both the crowd and the music. Soap bubbles fly into the air, spewed high by both a squat black machine and the dancers who revel in the thick pool of foam below. The foam has been piled into a high mountain of suds, about chest high. A man disappears beneath it, suddenly rendered entirely invisible. A moment later, he pops up again in a completely different section of the pool, laughing wildly.

You are at Penang’s famous Hard Rock Café.

This hotel/water park is a great place for families to enjoy themselves! But for those who prefer a quiet sanctuary to relax and recuperate, this is probably not the best place for you. Hard Rock Café is keyed towards younger adults and families who are bent on having the best time possible.

On the complex is a great water park, complete with kiddie park, three medium sized water-slides, and many large pools. The beach bordering the pools provides even more ways to enjoy yourself, including jet-skiing, parasailing, banana boats, and more! However, swimming is not recommended, as the water is rather polluted, and jellyfish are often sighted.

The highlight of the activities offered at Penang’s Hard Rock Café is by far the famed foam party, hosted once a month. There are two parties held, on the same day. One is for kids. Held in broad daylight, the foam pool is much shallower, and it’s “no adults allowed,” which of course just adds to the fun! This giant bubble bath is intended for kids 3-16. Tickets can be bought at the door, and are quite cheap! You don’t need to be staying at the hotel to participate!

The second party is held from eight to eleven at night, and is intended for adults. The party kicks off with a beachside bonfire. Partiers often dance around the fire until it burns out, and then race to the main event. At this point, the bubbles have piled up chest deep, and disco lights have been added to the fun! Be careful not to inhale any of the foam or open your eyes while underneath it, as it often causes vomiting and eye irritation. Alcohol is served at the second foam party, but is extremely expensive. This party is not recommended for kids 15 and under.

If you ever find yourself in Penang, and are itching for a night of fun and mayhem, I would highly recommend the Hard Rock Café! And if you’re in Penang and looking for a place to relax while the kids splash and enjoy themselves, this excellent hotel is a great place to do that as well!




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