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The Big Apple (NOT New York City)

- Abby

A few days ago I got to visit “The Big Apple”. No not New York City (thats another post). It’s a farm in Wrentham Massachusetts.Their main focus is apples but there is also 28 types of vegetables, blueberries, cucumber pickles, vegetable plants,decorative sunflowers, raspberries, Christmas trees and greens, hand dipped candy and caramel apples, and many flavors of pies. You can pick your own apples, blueberries, and raspberries! Sadly I missed the apple season, but we still got a few from their store.

This is the big sign we passed for apples!

Inside the main building there is a viewing area to see the apples getting polished. It was pretty cool. The apples are sorted by weight on a big conveyer belt and roll down a tube into a sorting table for the workers to sort. The place was very crowded so I could not watch for too long. When my brother and I were walking around outside we could smell the pies cooking in the bakery. When we went back inside we got a few sider donuts. For those who do not know what sider donuts are, you do not know what your missing. Their basically donuts that taste like apples and cinnamon.

This is part of the polishing process

I think I’m a little too old for hay rides, but the little kids loved it! We also got to see some of the workers on their tractors bringing in the pumpkins. I have no idea how they can drive in their small tractors around the huge patch and bring back a ton of pumpkins! There were a lot of crates that were going on display at the pumpkin area.


After we got what we needed from the store we went around back to see the pumpkins. There were at least 200 pumpkins not including the ones in the crates. We chose a small one because we already have one. Then we got to have ice cream at the ice cream shop (it’s new). I got the peanut butter ice cream, and it was delicious! They have about 20 flavors on the menu. I wish I got to try some others but we did not have enough time. I really wanted to go pick our own apples but we missed it. Hopefully next year I can go during the apple picking season!


To plan your visit to “The Big Apple” heres a link to their website:





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