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Foam Party in Malaysia

- Gabriel

My mom came in at 7 a.m saying that we had to get up. I dragged myself out of bed and woke Hannah up three more times before going out to our living room. The fresh air of Malaysia flooded our living room from the open balcony. I walked into our small kitchen and got some breakfast before getting on my swimming suit.

By then my whole family was up and we all got on our shoes and went down to the car where we met some friends.

We were attending a get together for some of the traveling families that we know. My mother had flown to America and my dad and siblings and I took a bus down from our house in Thailand. There was a whole bunch of traveling families gathering together to have a week of fun and fellowship. There was one boy there who was near my age. He was a year younger and a lot funnier. There were three or four other families there as well.

Anyway, we drove to The Hard Rock Hotel in Batu Ferrenghi, Penang. As we got out of the car we saw three Lamborghinis. They were black, yellow, and orange. I liked the black one the best.

We walked into the lobby of the hotel and the sight that met our eyes made most of us gasp. Laid out before us was a playground of water. In awe we went and got our tickets to the foam party then went and started playing in the water.

“You look like I did when I first saw this place,” Dylan said with a smile.

“It’s amazing!” I replied.

And then we went down a slide. There were three slides in the swimming area, a twisty purple one, and two smaller ones that were strait. There were no rules except that only one person at a time can go down the slide, and then everything else is common sense. Not that we had any, but we tried. We would slide down the big slide on our knees and bellies. We watched as a group of people filled a large, walled off area full of foam.

“Hey Gabe! Come here!” called Dylan’s little brother Colin.

“Coming!” I replied.

We swam for about a minute before gliding under a bridge.

“Put your head under,” Colin commanded.

I obeyed and what met my startled ears was the beat of a loud song. I could hear the music under water. Soon I came up out of the water to see Colin standing there.

“Cool right?” He asks.

“Yes it is”

And then we swam off again and went on the slides.

About an hour later Dylan, Colin and I were swimming when we heard a loudspeaker announce that the foam was ready and that the kids should get over there. We raced as fast as we could to get in and when we finally got there we walked right in.

I was expecting to meet with resistance from the foam only to find that it was as light as air. Ten minutes later Dylan and I were totally covered in foam. Dylan chased me once with foam in his hand to smear all over me but I dove into the foam and crawled all the way across the enclosed area holding the foam. Fortunately Dylan was still on the other side of the enclosure. I accidently breathed in some of the foam at the end.

We played for three more hours before we had to go home. All the parents stayed to do the grownup foam party {in which a person threw up} and we kids went back to the apartment. I had to babysit a sweet little boy from Chang Mai.

Have any of you been to a foam party? I hadn’t, but this was a learning experience for me. I would not suggest going to one either. It isn’t much fun when you swallow the foam.  And don’t think, “I would not swallow it,” because everyone did.

My mouth and throat were sore for two days after. 




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