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What to watch out for when Travel Blogging

- William

Blogging is a common practice on the internet. If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably familiar with it. Blogging is a system wherebye a person can put short articles, photos and videos on the internet, appealing to a specific topic. Travel may be one of the most blogged-about topics on the internet. You may have noticed that some blogs are far more popular than others. Chances are, if you run a blog, you sit in the shadow of larger, more popular blogs. Now, a large part of creating a popular blog is advertising, material quality, and a defining trait in the writing such as a humorous narrative or philosophical contemplation. These are things that not everyone can do. Not all of us can afford advertising. Not all of us can craft well-written prose. Not all of use can make a blog hilarious or thought-provoking. But there is one thing that can seriously affect the popularity of your blog, and it’s something that absolutely anyone can do. Ready? Here it is.

Keep your eyes open for weird things.

That’s it. It’s quite simple, really. Weird things are fun to read about. You are surrounded by the strange and the bizarre whenever you travel. Bring a camera everywhere. You never know where you’ll find something completely out of the ordinary.

You can send two different people into the same tourist attraction; have them take the same tour. But when both of them go home and blog about their adventures, only one blog post is going to stand out. Why? Because the author was looking for the strange, funny things that people would enjoy reading about, and the other writer was plastering flat observations onto the page in such a fashion that only a robot could enjoy it. There are many degrees in between these examples, but my point is, people enjoy reading about weird things more than the mundane. If people enjoy reading about them, would it hurt to keep an eye out for them when you’re doing your blogging?

On the other hand, you can a point where there’s too many weird things. You begin to miss the forest for the trees, so to speak. Who wants to read an article about the Vatican, if the entire thing is about the physical deformities of the pigeons on the doorstep? No one would read it, because there are other articles that talk about the Vatican that are more informative. You want to grab the reader’s attention with the strange and humorous things, and keep it there with a solid, factual article that doesn’t cause an information overload, but still talks enough about the place so that it’s useful to the reader. The key is to find the balancing point between the weird and the normal. Keep in mind, weird is a proportional measure. There can only be as much weird as there is normal, and vice versa. You need normality to keep the strangeness in check.

It’s also important to keep your camera with you whenever you travel. Take lots of pictures. It’s far more interesting to the reader to actually see whatever strange thing your article is about, not just work from description. Like the car above. On vacation in the states, I spotted this souped-up Volkswagen Beetle at a stoplight. I’d only just gotten the camera on when the light turned green. I was always glad that I’d managed to get a good picture of the car before it disappeared. There’s nothing like that feeling you get when you travel that you’ve just captured a strange experience on camera. It’s rather like reeling in a fish. So, keep your camera and your wits about you. When you travel, look for the strange stuff. And who knows? You just might become one of those top bloggers someday. Until next time, get out there, and keep travelling!




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