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Let Momondo Take The Travel Headaches Away

- Caroline

Are you ready for your next vacation this season? Who isn’t? But are you ready to find a hotel, air flight, and a car rental? I’m tired just reading that sentence! Face it – in today’s fast paced time there are always deals flying by and the travel industry is no different. There are hundreds of websites for hotels, motels, air lines and car rental services. So where do you turn to find what you want and a price you’re willing to pay?


The answer is now easier than ever. has just been ranked number one preferred website to search for good travel deals online. Their number one title has been given to them 2 years in a row by recent Danish Travel Awards


What’s the secret?

The strength behind Momondo’s popularity is due to its ability to surf the web so you don’t have to. It searches more than 700 travel websites to compare fares and prices for hotels, airlines, and car rentals. Once users find the lowest fare they want, they click through to that individual provider to book their travel.


About Momondo:

Travel meta-search engine searches for the best offers on flights, hotels and car rentals. In addition to offering online search, momondo provides user-generated city guides. Momondo was launched in 2006 and has been recommended by international media, such as the New York Times, CNN, NBC, CBS, The Daily Telegraph, and The London Sunday Times, as well as the legendary travel guru Arthur Frommer. In 2012, Momondo won a flight comparison test by Stiftung Warentest, Germany’s independent product and services review.


There’s an app for that:

A travel app is also available for those who need to search for travel from a mobile device. Momondo the app brings the convenience of the search engine to your phone, making it easier to book travel on the go with no added booking fees. Momondo’s mobile applications for iPhone and Android are available for free at:… or…




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