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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

- Caroline

With the holiday spirit in the air, one can’t help but enjoy the generous season. As you are building your own wish list keep in the mind the gift of travel! Giving someone (or getting from someone) a trip somewhere is a great way to enjoy an experience with a loved one.  Let Tauck Bridges help you and your family with your travel gift giving.

Tauck Bridges specializes in family travel. But these are not just your typical “are we there yet?” family vacations. There are always lots of cool things to do on a Tauck trip that are interactive and NOT b-o-r-i-n-g!

And isn’t action we what want? Some of the very active options on Tauck Bridge’s family guided tours include: white water rafting in the Alps, a thrill ride on Switzerland’s longest toboggan run, and swimming in the volcanic waters of Costa Rica.

What I like about Tauck Bridges too is that even though it’s a family trip, you can find plenty of random things to Facebook your friends about. On Tauck Bridges’ African Safari the Massai Tribe teach families how to throw a spear or shoot a bow and arrow! Equally as random is watching green sea turtles in the Galapagos migrate from the water to their sand nests, leaving huge tracks behind them.

Since we’re about to bring in a new year, Tauck Bridges has come up with some additional family trips to choose from for 2013:

Ireland Forever is a tour that allows you to enjoy the Irish classics of step dancers, horse-drawn carriages, and plenty of ghost stories. On your trip in Dublin and beyond you can learn to make pottery and Celtic jewelry.

Mystical Peru  captures nature’s wonders in many ways. See the sea lions, llamas, alpacas, and more! The adventure won’t stop as history comes alive while visiting the ancient land from capital Lima to the original capital of Cuzco.

Bon Voyage! France Family River Cruise: Travel+ Leisure magazine stated in 2012 that Tauck is the Top River Cruise Line. Because of that, a new family river cruise was introduced in France — the land of awesome food and world-renowned attractions. Enjoy the classic cafes, brasseries shops, pastries, chocolates and other joys that Paris has to offer.

What I like best when my family travels together is that travel really is the “gift that keeps on giving” since we talk about the fun times we had for months afterwards. And since Tauck Bridges offers family vacations that are beyond your typical trip, you’ll be talking about this for years to come!




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