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TD Garden, Boston MA

- Abby

When going to the TD Garden in Boston Massachusetts you need to plan accordingly. I always go for concerts and sports games. A while ago I went to a Celtics game, and my experience inspired me to tell everyone about how to plan going to the TD Garden.

  1. Always know where you are going to park the car or find transportation:

It may sound silly to need to plan this but in Boston it is almost impossible to find a good parking spot. I suggest taking the bus or a taxi, but if you travel in your car then leave a little early to find a spot in the garage.

2. Never give money out to people on the streets:

Always try to use common sense in the city. Don’t do anything that could put yourself in possible harm. If someone asks for spare change or for you to buy something I suggest to just keep on walking.

3. Accept the fact that some people are not always nice:

When walking in a crowd to a big event can be tough. People will push and shove to get where they need to go. Try to be careful and just pay attention to what and who is around you.

4. Getting inside quickly:

My suggestion for getting inside is to move quickly. You need to watch out for where you are supposed to be. Try to stay calm when walking inside the Garden, there might be a lot of people. Just get to your seat as quickly as possible, you can worry about food and drinks after. Knowing where your seats are can provide a little relief.

5. Do not argue with any other fans or officers:

Again, try to be cautious and courteous to whoever is around you. Fights can easily get out of hand. Sometimes people will swear or cuss during big events. If you want it to stop just tell one of the officials standing by.

6. Enjoy the show:

Try to have the most fun time you can at the TD Garden. I have gone plenty of times and I loved it!

Going to the TD Garden is always a fun and loud experience. I have had a great time going to the games and concerts there. Generally, you can always find an event there that is perfect for all ages! Next time you travel to Boston I suggest planning on going to a game or concert at the TD Garden!

If you want to plan your visit here is a link to the website:




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