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Things to Do on Nantucket You Didn’t Know About

- Caroline

Via Flickr by Kortnee Henski

Via Flickr by Kortnee Henski

You know about the sailing, fishing, and the beaches. You know about the beautiful oasis this area is. However, there may be some fun things to do on Nantucket Island that you didn’t know about that may be the perfect way to spend your next trip. Don’t overlook all of the beauty you’ll find here.

There Are Festivals

One of the best ways to spend your time when you arrive on Nantucket Island is attending the local festivals. Though many of them date back decades or longer, most tourists don’t realize just how much fun they can be. In June, the Nantucket Book Festival takes place. Perhaps the most beautiful is the Nantucket Daffodil Festival that happens at the end of April. Plan your trip around these activities.

Book a Hotel with the Works

In some situations, Nantucket Hotels are the best features available on the island. Look for more than just a standard room, though. Look for one that offers a bed and breakfast feel. Others offer plenty of in-house activities including local tours. Find the hotels that cater to children so that parents can enjoy a night out on the town.

Get a Massage

With the seaside air blowing in, you’ll love getting a first-class massage. There are various facilities throughout the area that can offer these. Look for one that offers a holistic massage that caters to every one of your body’s needs. Some of the best Nantucket hotels offer great on-site massages or they can arrange for you to have a professional come to you at the hotel.

Do Some Antiquing

Though you may know there are numerous shopping options nearby, you may not realize just how many great antique shops are available. In this area you will find a wide range of shops offering a piece of Nantucket history. Some even import items directly from France. You’ll find everything from out-of-print books to basket-making available.

With beaches ranging from the quiet North Shore to the South Shore’s more powerful currents, Nantucket is a fabulous place to visit for the beach-lover. Yet, there is so much more to love about the area and all it has to offer you may just need a longer stay for your next visit.




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