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Coco Key, Indoor Water Park

- Abby

Over the weekend my family and I went to Coco Key in Fitchburg Massachusetts. Coco Key is a big indoor water park with things to do for toddlers, teenagers, and adults. Here are some of the things I advise you do at Coco Key!

This is the beginning of the park for toddlers

1) There is a large area for toddlers:

The largest area of the park is mainly dedicated to a kiddy park. This includes small slides, a huge cup that fills up with water and dumps water on this area when it’s full, a lot of water tubes, and the whole toddler park is filled with 6 inches of water.

This is what the toddler park looks like when the water cup drops

2) TEENS: Try the two huge slides called Barracuda Plunge:

At the top of many staircases there are two huge slides with water running through them that are entirely enclosed tubes that go outside then come back in the building. My brother and I went on these slides four times! You ride down the slides with float tubes. This slide is more for older kids and adults.

These are the stairs my brother and I climbed to get to the slides, and the pool!

3) The Pelican Plunge:

This slide is a body slide. My brother and I did not try it but many adults did and said they loved it! This slide is 40 feet long.

4) Coconut Grove Adventure River:

This is basically a lazy river made for all ages. My whole family tried it and we all had fun! You float on a tube around a small river type course until you want to get off. We went on it five times.

5) Swim in the swimming pool:

This is also another part of the park made for all ages. We went swimming a lot over the course of the day. There are basketball nets and a small course where you walk on floating pieces holding on to the netting above. My brother did this a few times.

6) The hot tub, my parents’ favorite place to relax:

There is a hot tub that goes outside and inside. This area is only for 6 year olds and above. Also, the hot tub is generally not watched my life guards so be careful!

7) Visit the arcade:

This was my brother’s favorite part. He and I played a lot of games in the arcade including air hockey, basketball, and deal or no deal. The arcade games use a power card instead of tokens. They also have a great prize section.

My family and I are thinking about planning another trip to Coco Key. There are many Coco Key resorts in the United States, here is a link to the website to plan your visit:





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