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The Beach is Not Just For Summer!

- Abby

Have you ever been to the beach when it was not the summer? Well, it’s actually pretty fun. My family went to the beach last year around February to see what it looked like in the winter. It was beautiful and really quiet. Even though we were a little bit cold, my brother and I still found a way to enjoy ourselves. Here are some of the things we did:

1. Made small sand castles:

My brother and I decided to re-live our childhood by building small sand castles. The sand was a little cold but we were fine. It took a while but my brother and I made a good size castle that sadly got crushed before we got to take a picture!

2. Wrote our names in the sand:

My whole family wrote our names in the sand near our sand castles. The easiest way to write your name is by taking a stick and using it as a pencil and write in the sand. Here’s my name the second time (the first time got washed away)

My dog Brady is sitting in front of his name which I wrote in the sand

3. Walked the beach:

Walking the beach was my favorite part because it was so pretty. The water was very dark blue against the lighter yellow colored sand. Even though I was cold, it was worth it.

My family (excluding my mom because she took this picture) walking the beach

4. Test the water:

As idiotic as my little brother is I would never expect him to stick his feet in the icy water. I suggest not doing this, because my brother walked out of the water and his feet were numb and felt like ice. DO NOT PLAY IN THE WATER. Just a suggestion.

5. Skipping rocks:

Have you ever skipped a rock along the water? Well if you have my record is 6 jumps. If you have not, skipping a rock  across the water is a fun competitive game that I play with my brother. You basically find the flattest and most oval shaped rock then with a flick of the wrist, skip it across the water.

Some of the beaches in Massachusetts that I like to go to are Horseneck and Old Silver. I suggest visiting these beaches in the summer and the winter!




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