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Voluntourism With Global Works Travel

- Alex

Looking for a way to gain meaningful volunteer experience, cross-cultural awareness, and a broader sense for the world all in one trip? Look no further than Global Works!

For over two decades, Global Works has been providing incomparable language immersion, community services, adventure trips for teens around the world. From rural villages in Nicaragua, to the oceans of Fiji, to the mountains of Nepal, to the bustling cities of Australia, Global Works seeks to share the infamous travel bug with teens looking to make a difference as well as learn about different cultures.


Global Works founders Pam and James Houldin describe the company’s mission as: “strive[ing] to provide young adults with rewarding service, language learning, and adventure travel programs, which foster personal growth and promote social and cultural awareness for the participant and the communities involved.”

With moderate tuition prices for trips ranging from two to four weeks as well as the ability to earn college credit, Global Works seeks to cater to a variety of high school teens who want to prepare themselves for experiences abroad in the future. The breadth of program length as well as the plethora of destinations (including all continents sans Antarctica) give participants the option to go wherever their heart desires.


In addition to language immersion and adventure, what sets this program apart from others like it is the focus on international community service. Global Works has established multiple community partners in the myriad of countries that it operates in and students can participate in service-learning in any sector ranging from environmental sustainability to literacy and education. Participants speak highly of this facet of the program as it makes it very unique and more worthwhile to really see how other areas of the world lives. Inspiring appreciation and love of travel and other cultures is at the core of Global Works, and students who participate are rarely disappointed. For more information on Global Works Travel, their trips or community partners,  visit their website at:




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