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Aruba: One Happy Island

- Alex

Fancy yourself relaxing on a beach listening to the sounds of waves beating against the shore while a warm breeze washes over your face? As a current college student in the wintry Northeast, I sure do! Aruba Tourism Authority has recently updated their website and features to publicize all of the interesting and enticing opportunities that await travelers on the Caribbean island of Aruba. From waterfront fun, to rainforest tours, to shopping and cultural events Aruba tourism is available to help you with all of your travel and fun-seeking needs.


There are a variety of travel packages available on Aruba Tourism’s website ranging from family groups to weddings and other special events. The tourism on the island has exploded in recent years and hotels and accommodations are plentiful. From the colonial Dutch architecture in the capital city of Oranjestad to the beachside all-inclusive resorts, Aruba is a very diverse island to travel to. Due to its southern location, it is outside of the hurricane zone that many Caribbean islands are included in. Because of this, tourists can still travel to Aruba during the August to November hurricane season and not worry about possible adverse weather.


Aruba’s cultural heritage and natural amenities make it an appealing travel destination for families year round. Take a helicopter ride, learn to scuba dive, explore the casinos, bike ride around the island, or just enjoy the local communities. As their motto says, Aruba is just “one happy island” so you can’t go wrong. For more information check out their website:





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