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Contiki Tours: #no regrets?

- Alex

Expect the unexpected when traveling on a Contiki Tour, the number one tour company for the “18-35s” (18 to 35 year olds). No longer children and trying hard to avoid the “real world,” Contiki travelers are those looking for adventure, freedom, and a more unique travel experience than typical tour companies have to offer.  With a variety of tour types—snorkeling,  winter sports and skiing, sailing, cities and more — every traveler can be accommodated by the wide range of experiences available. Fortunately, the locations of the tours vary as much as the type of tour. Some of Contiki’s locations include Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Each Contiki tour is crafted with a core theme in mind, but travelers are encouraged to go off on their own and make the vacation into their own unique experience. With over 100 varieties of European tours, some especially interesting tours include: a 25-day “Big Indochina Adventure” across South Asia, the 19-day “Explorer” around the great attractions in South America, and the 14-day “Greek Island Hopping Adventure.”

With prices starting in the lower $1,000s (typically week to 8-day excursions), depending on your budget and time commitment, Contiki could be a cost-effective option for your next vacation. Group deals are also available for discounts. See their website for more detail.

So why Contiki? For any pre-midlife-crisis plagued individual with a desire to see the world with a sense of adventure, Contiki provides affordable tours that allow travelers to meet others their age with similar views and participate in a life-changing experience abroad. For more information, check out their website:




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