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En route vers Mont-Tremblant – Heading to Mont-Tremblant, Canada

- Jack

This past February vacation, I had the opportunity to make the trek across the border, all the way up the Dominion of Canada. Surely enough, Canada in the dead of winter lived up to its reputation of being quite the cold region. Despite the slight chill that it brought about, it was not enough to stop the trip that was in store. More specifically, the journey up north for a ski excursion to Mont-Tremblant, Canada.

Initially, even I was skeptical of the idea because a long car ride did not seem worth a few days of skiing. Upon arrival, my mindset swung in the complete opposite direction. Seemingly springing up from a chain of mountain peaks stood Tremblant, which seemed to be the largest among the range. For the avid skier or beginner, this mountain had the ability to accommodate each and everyone.  Long cruising trails to glades and terrain parks test the ability of even the best skier.

Being a novice at the time, I found that if offered the perfect balance between challenge and pleasure. So what if you get all the way there and have no intention to ski? This is not a problem, mainly due to the fact that Mont-Tremblant has one of the most unique set-ups at the base of the South Side. Known as “The Village,” it is an array of streets and alleys that replicate a Swiss ski town. The rows of streets are lined with shops, like Oakley, Solomon and Orage. There are lots of activities and restaurants to keep everyone busy. After a long day of skiing, nothing feels better then to sit at the Bullseye and enjoy a nice warm drink as the snow falls outside. If you are one who loves sweets, you have to try a Beaver Tail, Canada’s version of fried dough. It’s awesome! Also the Tire Su Le Neige, Maple Taffy on Snow was like a maple syrup lollipop. Fun to make and eat. The village is an ideal spot for teens from various states and countries to meet and have fun. It is self-contained which makes it a very safe area for teens to be on their own at night.

Another highlight, is the outdoor pool and hot tub. I stayed at the Le Westin Resort and Spa right in the village and both the pool and hot tub were open. It was 5 degrees!!! Imagine hanging out in the hot tub with snow falling, steam rising, wind blowing, freezing temperatures and loving every minute of it!

Regarding attire, the necessities for a winter vacation are obvious, but also include the extra things such as face masks and hand warmers when venturing out. On top of that, a bathing suit and work out attire is always a nice thing to have. If you’re not looking forward to a long car ride, you could always chose flying. A unique feature, is that Mont-Tremblant has its own airport only a few minutes away from the mountain.  If you’re looking for some fun in the snow, this is definitely an experience worth taking. After my trip, I want to go back in the summer. Based on the brochures I saw, it looks like it has a lot of activities to offer from hiking to golfing. And climate certainly warms up to t-shirt weather. Regardless of the season, Mont-Tremblant is a must!  Check out the website:




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