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Cape Cod’s Onset Village in the Winter?

- Abby

Have you ever been to Onset Village? Well I went there recently to see just how beautiful the area is in the winter time. Onset Village is a little area within the town of Wareham on Cape Cod, MA. In Onset Village there are beaches, amazing restaurants, beautiful views, small shops, parks, and many other things places to explore. My favorite thing to do there is to go to Marc Anthonys, an Italian restaurant with a wide variety of delicious foods. This is many of the locals favorite restaurant too! Besides getting fantastic pizza here are some other things you can do at Onset Village.

Hand made pizzas!

Walk along the beach:

Not only are the beaches perfect in the summer time, but they are very pretty in the winter time. Even though it’s a little chilly outside, you can still have a good time with a relaxing walk along the beach.

Here is the beach we walked along

Go shopping:

Although some shops are only open in the spring and summer time, there are still many shops open during the fall and winter time! These little stores are a fun experience to get cool things for good prices. Shopping is always one of my favorite parts during a trip.

Go sightseeing:

With so many beaches in the Cape Cod area, there are many beautiful views at Onset Village. I love watching the sunset over the water while standing in one of the gazebos on a hill overlooking the harbor.

Stop by Marc Anthonys:

Marc Anthonys is one of my favorite italian restaurants. I always like to try something new, and so far there is nothing on their large menu that I didn’t like! The restaurant has the best atmosphere. Even in the winter time I have noticed that it is always busy, but they get the food out pretty quick! This place is perfect for families looking for a good meal.

This is one of my favorite things on the menu, grilled chicken salad!


Many people will think that you can’t go to Cape Cod during the winter time, but I beg to differ. My family and I had a lot of fun at Onset Village! I can’t wait to plan my next visit!




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