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Climbing the Walls with a Case of the Late Winter Blues?

- Caroline

Who wants an adventure that is thrilling, never dull, and gets your heart rate up? Who doesn’t?! But wait, it’s March in New Jersey – better stay inside and warm up another hot coca and call it a night. Wrong! Adventure is not just a summer sport. Not with The Gravity Vault, which are indoor rock gyms in Upper Saddle River and Chatham, NJ. The Gravity Vault is your destination to be the rock climbing explorer that you’ve read about in history class.

So what’s there? The Gravity Vault is filled with 13,000+ square feet of rock climbing on overhangs, arches, slabs and more.

  • 35+ ft. Climbing Walls
  • 45-60    op Rope Stations
  • Keyhole Arches
  • Extensive Bouldering
  • Rappel Ledges
  • Extensive Lead Climbing Through Our Dynamic Lead Arches
  • Stem Chimney (Chatham)
  • Crack Climbing (Chatham)
  • Cardiovascular Training Areas
  • Private Party Rooms
  • Locker/Changing Rooms
  • Lounges
  • Pro Shops

As you can see, Gravity Vault has all you need to climb a rock wall indoors. Speaking of ages – here are specials offered for all age groups. Make sure you especially check out the teen and college night every Wednesday.:

  • Adults: Mondays is buy one adult day pass get one free
  • College / Teens: Wednesdays are student all day passes
  • Girls (14+): Fridays come out for a $9 day pass after 5pm



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