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WIT Travel, New Orleans, and me

- Christina


Hello! My name is Christina, and I’m a junior from San Diego, California. Last week, I traveled  to New Orleans, Louisiana for a week in one of the world’s most colorful and unique cities. This wasn’t an ordinary spring break vacation, though. I was traveling with a team with a specific purpose. Below you will find the blog I wrote explaining the reason for this trip.  Each day, my  WIT teammates and I blogged about our experiences. I will be posting those blogs daily starting this Saturday.

Even though I may not have quite started packing yet, I still feel ready. This will be my third time in New Orleans and I have absolutely fallen in love with the city.

I will be traveling with the social entrepreneurship organization Whatever It Takes (WIT). Through WIT, I’ve had the opportunity to work with other high schoolers to launch many community service projects. This trip is our nationally focused project, and it’s centered around the idea of traveling with a purpose. Along with my teammates Sean and Sophie (two awesome fellow high school students) and our advisor/mentor Ms. H, I am going to explore different volunteer opportunities, restaurants, and cultural landmarks around New Orleans.

I know a service-based vacation sounds a little dry, like a lot of work and no play. We want to show you that “voluntourism” is not like that at all- it’s actually a really exciting and fulfilling thing to do on any kind of trip. Througout the week, we’re going to be sharing meals with locals, working with organizations including an art museum and an education reform project, and exploring different areas of the city. I am going to post pictures, stories, and recommendations based off of our experiences.

To learn more about my whole group’s journey, find WIT_Travel on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.





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