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WIT Travel in New Orleans- Day 1

- Christina

From March 23-30 I traveled with a group called WIT Travel to New Orleans. Two other high schoolers and me planned the trip with the goal of promoting the idea of teenagers everywhere making volunteering part of their travels. Below is my blog from day 1, more will be posted over the course of the week. 

           When WIT traveled to New Orleans last year, I remember feeling most awestruck by the architecture, the music, and the incredible culture in general. (Witnessing some of Mardi Gras made a bit of an impression, too.) This year, though, I find myself most interested in the people. In San Diego, it would take an hour downtown to spot one person as interesting as some of the characters we saw just in the airport. From the instant our plane landed to the end of our nighttime French Quarter explorations, I saw many interesting adornments, fashions, and “looks”. Imagine this: walking down the street, and catching out of the corner of your eye a woman in a dress made completely out of pink and orange balloons, walking around as if she were on a Paris runway. Here, it’s natural for someone to call you “ma’am” or “honey”, and every conversation sounds wonderful simply because of the Southern accents involved. I can already tell that one of the parts of this trip that I’m going to be most excited will be engaging with locals- get ready for some fantastic PROJECT 16 interviews!

A woman we saw in an art gallery as we walked the streets of the French Quarter

To learn more about our trip, visit or follow WIT_Travel on Instagram and twitter. PROJECT 16 is another WIT project, where we ask adults what advice they would giver their 16 year old selves. You can find it on facebook too!




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