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Samalona beautiful Samalona

- Gabriel

It took an hour to ride on a boat out to this Island. Waves smashed against our hull and sprayed us with water. In moments we were almost all soaked. I laughed aloud as we caught a wave and rode up it then took a long drawn out drop down the other side. I smiled at dad, and then the next wave splashed me in the face.  That’s when we saw it. Coming out from the lee of another island we saw a little hummock of trees sticking out of the water with bleach white beaches surrounding it. Surrounding that was aqua blue waters. That surged up against the sea wall on one side and leaped and smashed against the beach on the other. Dipping my hand into the ocean I found it cool but not cold.

Suddenly the darkness of the deep ocean disappeared and we were over crystal clear waters. Coral flashed by around us and I could tell that fish were zipping through the water to escape us. The wind whipped against my face making my hair fly out behind me. All to soon we came to a sudden halt right on the beach. We pulled our stuff out of the boat, thanked the driver, paid him and followed another person to a house that was raised off the ground. The man led us in and made us comfortable by bringing us some coffee and tea. The coffee was gritty but reviving. Almost immediately I felt my nerves start to thrum. Restlessness over came me and I grabbed my snorkel and Elisha. We headed out to the side of the island without any seawall. Putting on our snorkels we dove in together, hand in hand. The sand moving below us made a clinking noise. We kicked out and headed into deeper water. Fish flashed back and forth in front of us and we followed them quickly. I saw a puffer swim away and pulled Elisha to follow it. He of course had seen another thing as well and I watched with a trace of regret as the puffer swam quickly away from me becoming a memory. Suddenly coral loomed out of the sandy clear water and in just a few seconds Elisha and I were swimming among huge hills of coral that stretched down ten or more feet. A stingray sat below us half hidden by the coral. His tail twitched back and forth. A fish delicately floated by on the current and then shot away when he saw us. We regained the sandy part of the island and swam in. I stood up out of the water before Elisha and walked swiftly in onto the island where I lay down. The water tickled my legs with sand as the waves swept in and out. Elisha flopped down next to me, then stood up again touching me lightly on the arm.

“Tag! Your it!” and sprinted away. Leaping to my feet I rushed after him, sand flying off my feet as they rose and fell in a rhythmic beat that I continued to try to speed up. My hand reached out and touched his shirt very lightly.





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