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WIT Travel in New Orleans- Day 8

- Christina

From March 23-30 I traveled with a group called WIT Travel to New Orleans. Two other high schoolers and me planned the trip with the goal of promoting the idea of teenagers everywhere making volunteering part of their travels. Below is my blog from day 8, the last of this trip. You can read more about what we are currently up to at, and reviews of Nola attractions that I visited will be posted throughout the week.

Today was, sadly, our last in New Orleans. Of course, once it hit me that I was actually leaving, the city appeared even more magical than ever before.
Ms. H and I started off the morning with our last run through the French Quarter. It was warmer than normal, and we jogged the relatively quiet streets in peace until we hit the French Market. There, a crowd of runners participating in a 10K streamed in front of us. We couldn’t resist joining in and “bandit running” for a mile, and we were rewarded for it by the fun bands and cheering onlookers that we passed by. The spontaneity, raucousness, and celebratory spirit were classic Nola, and it was great way to begin the day.
After packing and grabbing breakfast, we went to the Louisiana State Museum at Jackson Square. The Hurricane and Mardi Gras exhibits on display were powerful and amazing, and I got one last chance to learn something new about New Orleans. The contrast of crazy Mardi Gras with horrible Katrina simply reminded me how complex and multifaceted this city is, and how much I wanted to stay and discover more about it.
As we pulled away from the French Quarter, the charming old buildings that have always struck me as beautiful seemed especially enchanting.
The journey home through planes and airports was filled with laughter as we talked about all of the memories, but it felt bittersweet. All of us are sad to leave, and I know that I am already longing to return. I will one day, but until then, I am thankful for the time I have already had to explore the city and follow my Nola.



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