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Grand Cayman…An Island Paradise

- Jack

The name says it all because Grand Cayman was truly a Grand experience. Over April break, my family and I took a trip to this gorgeous little island. The island seemed to appear out of nowhere in the vast surrounding ocean. Upon landing, the heat truly set in and my island mindset began. If you are looking for somewhere that is comfortably warm, Grand Cayman in the spring is perfect. According to local residents, the only time of the year that is really hot and humid is the summer, when temperatures could reach over 100 degrees. Lucky for us, everyday on our trip was sunny,  mid to high 80’s and not a cloud in the sky. With such great weather, we had all the ingredients for the perfect beach vacation. After settling in to our room at the Ritz Carlton, we worked our way down to the famous Seven Mile Beach, which lived up to its reputation as a world class destination.  The service at the Ritz is awesome and is definitely the nicest property  – tell your folks to take you here!


The soft milky white sand and crystal blue water only increases the beauty of the island. If you like to relax, the water was calm and the beach is serene. For those who are more adventurous, you can swim, canoe, paddle-board and snorkel. I loved snorkeling. It was one of my favorite parts of our trip. The fish were extremely colorful and playful. They would swim around you as if they were just as interested in you as you where in them. Also, for those who were looking for even more of an adrenaline rush, you can jet ski, waterski and wakeboard.  If you want to to actually spend some time with Sting Rays, I would recommend taking a trip to Sting Ray City.  It was a catamaran ride away.  Once you arrive, you can step out into the three feet of warm ocean water and dozens of sting rays come swimming up to you like puppies.  They are very friendly and felt like a slippery gummi bear.  I actually held one.  Definitely worth the trip.


As far as area dining goes, the Ritz Carlton had a some great restaurants. My favorites included Seven, an excellent Steakhouse and Periwinkle which offered an Italian cuisine. Periwinkle also had movies for kids, so parents could enjoy dinner while their kids were at a Beach style drive in. For off property meals, I would recommend Edoardo’s Italian Restaurant and Ragazzi’s.  Both were Italian style meals but with Cayman flare and good service. To truly experience the Cayman lifestyle I would have to recommend the Paradise Grill in Georgetown.  It’s a casual beach-side place.  The menu had some items I did not even know  existed.  For example a turtle sandwich. It was different. Not something I would eat as part of my regular diet, but the waitress said it was a special Cayman dish. We walked around Georgetown and did some shopping. Then a quick cold drink at Margaritaville and back to the our resort for some more fun in the sun. It was a great way to escape the New England weather and relax. Check it out. Grand Cayman is truly an island to experience.




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