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The Value of Travel

- Will

Hello everyone! My name is Will and I am the newest addition to this fantastic group of bloggers here at Teen Travel Talk. I am very excited to have the to opportunity to share my traveling experiences with you, and I have quite a few stories to tell! I only just recently returned from a trip to Europe, and on the (painfully) long return flight, I asked myself, “Why do I love going all over the place so much?” I had some time (over nine hours) to think about it, and since I’ll be sharing the treasured experiences of my travels with all of you, it only seems fitting that you know the answer to that question.
Why do I love traveling? Well, growing up in the mid-west, I always thought I had a prime seat to experience a sample of everything nature had to offer: I saw winter, spring, summer, and fall (not necessarily in that order); I was only a few hours away from a lake in the summer, a ski area in the winter, or a forest full of radiant foliage in the fall. However, my perception changed when I first began traveling. Seeing different cities that you cannot compare to any other; people whose cultures are polar opposite to yours; natural and architectural wonders so different from the norm of your life; is something you simply cannot place a price on. Sure, I can go snowboarding in Michigan in winter, but what is that compared to shredding snow in Vail, Colorado? Yes, I can go shopping on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, but what does Chicago have over Printemps in Paris or Harrods in London?
To date, I have touched two continents, eight countries, and 43 of the 50 United States, and have never once looked back. Visiting foreign places and experiencing different cultures is something you simply cannot place a price on. The memories made and times shared with friends and family are things that will last far longer than cars or clothes will, and I can cherish them as long as I live. Thankfully, I now have a place to share those memories, and an amazing audience to share them with!
Here are a few pictures of me and the people I travel with!







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